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Revising contractual terms and prices

The distribution system operator and energy retailer must submit a notice to the other contracting party if the prices or contractual terms will be revised. The notice must include information on how the prices/terms will be revised and why the revision is necessary. If the notice is from the energy retailer, it must include a note on whether or not the other contracting party has the right to terminate the agreement. If the revision is not based on changed legislation or a statutory decision, the change may enter into force at the earliest one month from sending of the notice.

The prices of an agreement that is valid until further notice can be revised as allowed by the Electricity Market Act and the contractual terms. The price of a fixed term electricity agreement cannot be revised during the term.

Even in the case of an agreement valid until further notice, the contractual parties can agree on tying the price to a reference value which the contracting parties are unable to influence, such as the regional price of the trading centre. In such a case, the price to be paid during the term of the agreement will change if the reference price changes (like a mortgage tied to the Euribor interest rate). The customer must be offered sufficient information about how the seller determines the price so that the customer will be able to calculate the price themselves.