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Entering into an agreement

Before an agreement can enter into force, the electricity user must receive at least the following information:

  • Service provider's name and contact information
  • Offered product/service and its type
  • Any maintenance services pertaining to the agreed product/service
  • How the electricity user can receive information about the contractual charges or related maintenance charges
  • Validity period of the agreement and the contractual terms applied to renewing or terminating the agreement
  • Applicable compensation for damages and other indemnity in case product/service quality does not comply with the agreement
  • Information about dispute resolution methods and their institution
  • Information about the consumer's rights, which must be included on each electricity bill or on the website of the distribution system operator or energy retailer

The above-mentioned information is not mandatory if the agreement is oral and the electricity user does not want the information. If the agreement is written, the consumer will receive the contractual terms when signing the agreement.

If the agreement is oral, the seller must submit a confirmation notice including the contractual terms to the consumer in arrear. The confirmation notice must be sent without delay and at the latest within two weeks of the agreement having been made.