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Electricity bill

The customer and the electricity company may agree on the due dates and billing schedule in more detail. The billing schedule usually complies with the actual consumption during the billing period, meaning that the bills are based on remotely read meter readings or meter readings submitted by the consumer at agreed intervals. The consumer may pay the bill as they wish as an

electronic invoice, at a bank office or in their online bank, etc., and agree on changing the billing schedule.

The electricity bill must include the payments influencing the price generation, the number of units billed, the unit price of each and the total sum charged, the invoice's total sum, basis for determining taxes, the amount of tax paid and the electric power billed.

There are also more specific regulations on the contents of reading, assessment and balancing bills in the  Energy Authority's Regulation on Itemisation on Invoices Pertaining to Electric Power and Transmission of Electricity (367/441/2006) Link to the regulation