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Disclosure of electricity mix

Electricity suppliers are obliged to disclose to their customers production mix of electricity sold by them in the previous calendar year. The contribution of renewable source-based electricity with non-certified origin and with unknown origin is disclosed by means of the residual mix published by the Energy Authority. In addition to the residual mix, the origin of electricity from sources other than renewable ones can be disclosed according to the actual method of production. The method of production of electricity other than renewable can be verified through internal production, a reliable contract or a certificate.

Consumers can also obtain information on the origin of sold electricity at the electricity price comparison website maintained by the Energy Authority at www.sahkonhinta.fi. The website includes a supplier-specific production mix of electricity. Electricity products, which are produced fully from renewable sources, are marked with a green leaf symbol in the service.

The Energy Authority has drawn up instructions for electricity suppliers with regard to the obligation to disclose the production mix of electricity. The purpose of the instructions is to explain the content of the disclosure obligation set out for electricity suppliers in the Act on Certification and Disclosure of Origin of Electricity.

Residual mix

In the residual mix, electricity production is divided into groups by energy source: fossil sources of energy, and peat (FOS); renewable sources of energy (RES) and nuclear power (NUC). The residual mix also includes information on the carbon dioxide emissions of electricity produced according to the residual mix, and on the amount of nuclear fuel consumed per each kilowatt-hour produced according to the residual mix.

The calculation of the residual mix is based on the production mix of electricity produced in Finland; origin-certified electricity from renewable sources is deducted from the production mix. This prevents a double calculation with regard to green electricity. The calculation of the residual mix accounts for the net imports of electricity from Russia according to Russia's electricity production mix. Imports and exports between system's internal countries are accounted for by means of the European attribute mix. The system's internal countries include EU states, excluding Malta and Cyprus, but including Norway, Iceland, and Switzerland.

As recommended by the Reliable Disclosure Systems for Europe (RE-DISS) project, the Energy Authority publishes the residual mix every year by the end of May. The first residual mix calculated by the Energy Authority applies to 2013.

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