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Certifying the origin of electricity

Electricity suppliers must always certify the origin of electricity if electricity is marketed as "produced from renewable sources of energy". The system of guarantees of origin is the only method of certification. The origin of electricity must also be certified through guarantees of origin when the electricity supplier announces that electricity it uses elsewhere in its business is produced from renewable sources, or when the marketing by the electricity user includes information indicating that the supplier uses electricity from renewable sources. Obtaining a guarantee of origin of electricity is voluntary. Alternatively, electricity produced from renewable sources can be notified by means of the national residual mix.

The goal of the system of guarantees of origin is to ensure the correctness of information disclosed on the use of renewable energy sources, and to promote the opportunity for electricity users to select electricity from renewable sources. Guarantees of origin of electricity are only issued to electricity produced from renewable energy sources.

Guarantees of origin are traded between EU and EEA countries, and electricity suppliers may also sell guarantees of origin separately in the sales of electricity produced by them.