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Applying for guarantees of origin

The power plant owner discloses to the registrar (Fingrid) of the electricity amount for which the guarantee of origin is applied, and the calendar month and year of electricity production. Guarantees of origin are sought from the registrar and MWh is the standard unit for the guarantee of origin.

The registrar issues the guarantees of origin on a monthly basis in accordance with the amount of energy produced. The pricing of the service related to issuing the guarantee of origin shall be reasonable. The service prices are available on the website of Fingrid.

The electricity supplier shall immediately notify the registrar when using the guarantee of origin for certifying the origin of sold electricity. The registrar shall immediately cancel the guarantee of origin once the registrar has been informed of the guarantee use. The registrar shall declare the guarantee of origin null and void if it has not been used within 12 months from the last production day of electrical energy. Guarantees of origin can also be traded between actors within EU and EEA countries. Guarantees of origin are listed on the EEX exchange.